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At the Edge of Great Quiet

Composer: Cynthia Folio


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Catalog Number: 392-01205

for SSAA Chorus and Piano
A setting of four poems from the collection of poems by Alaskan women. The work moves from the resilience in the face of adversity expressed in "Roads," to the intimate dialogue of “There Were Suddenly Two Stones,” to a vivid depiction of bleak wintry day and concludes with the optimistic poem “Out of Wind, Out of Sun” affirming the work that women do in making art out of the nature that surrounds them.
1. Roads Text by Mary Kancewick
2. There Were Suddenly Two Stones Text by Leah Aronow-Brown
3. On a Day of White Trees Text by Louise Gallop
4. Out of Wind, Out of Sun Text by Louise Gallop

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